Stressz előadássorozat mai programja

Stressz előadássorozat mai programja


Global Stress Summit

Stress online előadás sorozat mai előadásai. Itt regiszrálhatsz.

Bruce McEwen, PhD
Stressed Vs. Stressed Out

  • Allostatic load and impact on your body
  • Influence of early life experiences on stress
  • Cortisol and circadian rhythm on stress response

Robert Sapolsky, PhD
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers!

  • Difference between stressors and stress response
  • The impact of stress on homeostasis
  • Resources for stress management

Herbert Benson, MD
Journey to the Relaxation Response

  • The 3 legs of health/wellbeing
  • How to evoke a relaxation response
  • Impact of meditation at the genetic level

Ian Robertson, PhD
Stress Test and Performance Under Pressure

  • What is truly shaping gene expression?
  • Critical importance of the “B” in CBT
  • How brain chemistry impacts stress

Ken Druck, PhD
Turning Adversity into Opportunity

  • Developing resilience from experience
  • “5 Honorings” of dealing with traumatic loss
  • Redefining and recontext
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